Writing for Self Expression

Therapeutic Writing Spaces with Rob Radcliffe

Welcome to Writing for Self Expression.

This site features information about writing groups run by Rob Radcliffe, taking place in Manchester, the north west of England and North Wales from 2020.

Rob is a counsellor/psychotherapist with many years’ experience of supporting clients through life’s challenges, as well as a supervisor educating and supporting other therapists and trainee counsellors.  He is also a published writer and has experience of running writing groups and therapeutic writing work.  He had his first short story published while still at school, and his first poem accepted at the age of 17, achievements which helped him win a prestigious creative writing scholarship to the University of Wales where he he gained a First Class honours degree in English.

He has won numerous writing awards including the Charterhouse International Poetry Competition, the Manchester Mental Health Writing Competition, The Salford University Mental Health writing competition, Commonword young writers competition, the E Arthur Williams Prize in English.  His poems and fiction have appeared in numerous magazines and pamphlets, including FLUX, Star Begotten, Poetry Nottingham, Cencrastus, Odyssey, Dancing on Diamonds, Swansea Review, New Welsh Review, Person Centred Quarterly, Envoi and others.  He was featured in the Responses and Complete Responses pamphlet series which also included Simon Armitage. In a former life he gave numerous performances of his work on stage at various poetry slams and gatherings, though unfortunately his time for such endeavours is now limited by his commitment to therapeutic work, though he does occasionally do the odd performance here and there.

His writing groups fuse together his skills and experience bringing a somewhat unique mix of creative and therapeutic flair, helping people draw out the interesting themes within their lives and enabling them to use the powerful medium of writing as a vehicle for clear and empowering self expression.

If you are interested in writing therapy in Manchester then this may be the group for you!